Ryders Defcon Polar Photo Sunglasses

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine
Ryders Defcon Polar Photo

Ryders Defcon Polar Photo    Photo: Courtesy of Ryders

BEST FOR: The budget-conscious multisporter. THE TEST: The term Defcon refers to levels of readiness for war, or, in this case, weekend warriorhood. Check the gray polycarbonate lenses’ firepower: photochromic for surveillance of a dynamic environment in changing light conditions, plus polarized light filtration to neutralize the glare threat. It’s a solid all-rounder for outdoor rec and driving, and the neutral gray tint with polarization works well over water. THE VERDICT: The classic swoopy wrap might not blow you away with its looks, but that’s the point. This one is for the guy who just wants high-performance glasses at a great price, without the attitude.


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