Revo Headway Sunglasses

Fri, 06/01/2012 - 00:00
Outside Magazine
Revo Headway

BEST FOR: Sailing, deep-sea fishing, driving a convertible Carrera. THE TEST: Nothing beats optically ground glass for open water, and the Headway’s deep gray, polarized version renders ocean views in superb HD. We took them out to sea in Hawaii and they tamed the tropical sun. Coverage from the wrap-back lenses is huge, and Revo’s signature blue-flash lens mirroring looks right, as does the whole macho Headway package. The big black frames appeared slick at first, but the rubber at the ears and nose kept them sticky on the inside. Rx-able, but glass is strictly no-go—shatter-prone and unsafe—for rough sports. THE VERDICT: Primo on- and near-water eyewear. A mite middle-age.


Brand: Revo $209
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