Pear Square One Running Monitor

Jul 5, 2012
Outside Magazine
Combination foot sensor, hear-rate monitor, and digital coach.

Combination foot sensor, hear-rate monitor, and digital coach.    Photo: Courtesy of Pear Sports

That voice in your head telling you to go faster? It’s the new Square One, a combination foot sensor, heart-rate monitor, and digital coach that offers stats and advice through your earbuds. Start with a 20-minute assessment run and the online Pear Portal training tool will customize one of its 300 free programs (everything from a 5K to a marathon) to suit your fitness goals. As you train, the coaching voice tells you which of five heart-rate zones you need to hit and whether to pick up or slow down the pace. Even better, the voice occasionally provides form checks, explaining foot-strike and stride technique to help make you a faster runner. Sometimes there are so many audio cues that it’s hard to enjoy the run (you can adjust the frequency), but if you’re looking for a full-time digital coach, this is your device.

BEST FOR: Dedicated Runners

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