Surly Moonlander Fat Bike

Originally created for epic winter races like the Iditabike, fat bikes lately have gotten as big as … well, their oversize tires. In addition to dedicated snow events—and the list of those is ballooning—we’ve seen thes

Oct 26, 2012
Outside Magazine

   : Surly


The new standard in oversize, the Moonlander sports 4.7-inch tires for over an inch more rubber-to-ground contact than other fat bikes get. Not even the deepest sand, thickest mud, or cruddiest snow could slow this sparkly black chrome-moly-and-steel monster truck. And at 34.5 pounds, it’s not even the heaviest big bike around. The extra width (100-millimeter hubs in front and rear) forced Surly to drop the drivetrain to a 2x9 configuration, which we found a bit lacking in range, and the thumb shifters were fiddly. Of course, none of that mattered when we were easily clambering over terrain typically reserved for rock crawlers.

Brand: Surly $2,350
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