Blizzard Bonafide Skis

Oct 29, 2012
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Blizzard

BEST FOR: A balance of float and power.

THE TEST: We ran the Bonafide over bumps, across glades, and through leftover powder, finishing each run with big and short turns on frozen groomers. In each instance it wowed testers. “So damping, so powerful, but so responsive,” raved one heavier skier. You would think a ski this powerful and absorbent on packed snow would be unwieldy off-trail. You’d be wrong.

THE VERDICT: For any skier north of 160 pounds who likes stability at speed and steady tracking through leftover, variable snow, the Bonafide is the genuine article. 133/98/118

Overall: 4.6
Carving: 4.4
Resort Float: 4

ROCKER AND YOUR BOOTS: That upward bend in the shovel of the ski means you don't have to drive your weight (and power) through the front to bend it into a turn. (It's pre-bent.) Do your boots jibe with this new reality? Ask your boot fitter about the forward lean of your boots. If it's in excess of 18 degrees, you'll be tiring your legs out for no reason. Fourteen to 16 degrees or less of forward lean means you can stand up and ski more laterally, saving power. The best part? A boot fitter might be able to simply adjust the angle of the boots you already have.

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