DPS Wailer 99 Pure Skis

Oct 30, 2012
Outside Magazine

   Photo: DPS

BEST FOR: Weight watchers who crave long backcountry tours.

THE TEST: The Wailer Pure may be only 99 millimeters at the waist, but it floats like a much fatter ski, thanks in part to generous tip rocker and variable sidecut. But what most impressed testers was how well it skied on hard snow. A tapered tail and traditional camber add up to what one tester called “the Leatherman of skis.”

THE VERDICT: Expensive but fun. The hefty price tag is due to the all-carbon-fiber layup; it’s also available in a slightly heavier (less carbon), not-quite-as-lively version, the Hybrid ($799). 126/99/110; 7.5 lb

Versatility: 5
Power: 3.5

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