TwentyTwo Designs Axl Bindings

You now have two choices when it comes to telemark bindings: 75mm (traditional duckbill) and the newer NTN. The former is favored for its simplicity, lower cost, and greater variety of boot choices, but NTN is vastly m

Oct 31, 2012
Outside Magazine

   : TwentyTwo Designs

BEST FOR: The bigger-is-better crowd.

THE TEST: The Axl is burly enough to drive any ski, but what sets it apart is a simple, durable touring pivot. On descents, testers noted that the stainless-steel toepiece offered unbelievable lateral power and predictable response, particularly in tough conditions. Three cable positions let every skier dial in their preferred tension.

THE VERDICT: Pair it with big boots to take full advantage of the power and precision. 3.8 lbs

Tourability: 3.5
Power: 4.5

Brand: TwentyTwo Designs $320
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