Gnu Impossible Series EC2 BTX snowboard

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Oct 25, 2011
Outside Magazine
Gnu Impossible Series EC2 BTX snowboard

Gnu Impossible Series EC2 BTX snowboard    : Lucas Zarebinski

The Sell: A light, technical twin for freestyle afi­ci­o­nados. The Test: The Impos­sible has a lot going on. Some of the features are just for kicks, like glow-in-the-dark sidewalls, but most serve a real purpose, including an asym­metric side cut for less biffing on the heel side. But we especially liked the way the seven contact points and unique mix of camber delivered impressive pop and edge hold on everything from chopped-up steeps to icy pipes. The Verdict: Experts thought it rode like a jet on autopilot; intermediates had a hard time controlling it.

Brand: Gnu $800
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