Black Diamond Gigawatt Skis

Nov 1, 2011
Outside Magazine
Black Diamond Gigawatt

Black Diamond Gigawatt Skis    Photo: Courtesy of Black Diamond

THE SELL: The fattest skis in your quiver. THE TEST: We saw three feet of snowfall during our Snowbird, Utah, test, but our skiers were still frightened by the girth of this new issue from Black Diamond. At 163 millimeters in the shovel, it’s monstrous, but its pintail and heft also make it a substantial ski in crud. In the deep stuff, the Giga simply refuses to sink. It immediately pops to the surface and stays there, and, incredibly, you can pivot at will. “It’s unbelievably maneuverable in the trees,” wrote one 160-pound tester. THE VERDICT: Effortless slough turns, but don’t even think about face shots. These suckers stay on top. 163/135/141

Overall: 4.5
Stability: 4
Float: 5 

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