Nordica Unleashed Hell Skis

Nov 1, 2011
Outside Magazine
Nordica Unleashed Hell

Nordica Unleashed Hell Skis    Photo: Courtesy of Nordica

THE SELL: Underfoot camber and tip-and-tail rocker make the Unleashed Hell powerful yet responsive. THE TEST: Skis with big rocker are fun in pure powder conditions, but you still need edge contact if you plan to turn on any other surface. The Unleashed Hell features just enough rocker to float in powder and release-pivot out of a turn—but can still produce that happy carving sensation. This from the second-fattest big-mountain ski we tested. We also couldn’t find a speed limit; you really can unleash it. THE VERDICT: It was our favorite ski in the category, but note that it’s not called Unleashed Puppies and Bunnies; if you’re a timid skier, look elsewhere. 143/113/132

Overall: 4.5
Sloughability: 4.5
Hard-Snow Pleasure: 4

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