Blizzard Cochise

Nov 1, 2011
Outside Magazine
Blizzard Cochise

Blizzard Cochise Skis    Photo: Courtesy of Blizzard

THE SELL: A new tip-rocker molding process produces less chatter, longer life, and a livelier ride. THE TEST: Floppy tips and tails are pretty annoying. The Cochise, though, does not waver. It’s well built and will likely survive many seasons. On the snow it’s damp and silky, and because the rockered tip carries some bashing power, it never feels like it’s going to fold when you drive it through soft bumps. But it’s no clunky battering ram: “Surprisingly nimble for such a damp ski,” wrote our token midwestern expat. Ski it easy and it follows the terrain. Drive it hard and it returns serious energy. THE VERDICT: The best-made ski in our test. 135/108/123

Overall: 4
Sloughability: 5
Hard-Snow Pleasure: 4

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