Blizzard M-Power FS IQ

Nov 1, 2011
Outside Magazine
Blizzard M-Power FS IQ

Blizzard M-Power FS IQ    Photo: Courtesy of Blizzard

THE SELL: Fore and aft carbon-fiber rods connect to an oil-damped piston underfoot for a vibration-free ride. THE TEST: The M-Power FS IQ is in Blizzard’s all-mountain line, but we found it quick enough for our frontside category. It’s also the most stable ski we tested and allows for multiple turn shapes. We found ourselves arcing wide turns and maybe going a little fast for comfort. The edge penetration was unmatched—most testers left trenches behind them—and the damp ride quality boosts confidence. THE VERDICT: Strong skiers who favor speed, look here first. Perfect for Sun Valley, Idaho, or Sunday River, Maine. 128/87/113

Overall: 4.5
Stability: 5
Edge Hold: 5 

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