Voile Switchback X2 Bindings

Nov 1, 2011
Outside Magazine
Voile Switchback X2 bindings

Voile Switchback X2 bindings    Photo: Courtesy of Voile

THE SELL: The lightest free-pivot telemark binding on the market. THE TEST: The Switchback has long been a tester favorite for fast-and-light touring setups; our only gripe has been its lack of power. Seeking to address that, Voile overhauled the X2 this year, pulling the cable routing back more than an inch to create what one tester described as “greater lateral control and a much more active engagement.” Voile also outfitted the X2 with a longer, more supportive toe plate and stiffer cartridges. THE VERDICT: It’s definitely got more oomph, but some testers still longed for more power. 3.2 lbs

POWER: 3.5

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