Lib Tech Pow NAS Recurve Skis

Nov 1, 2011
Outside Magazine
Lib Tech Pow NAS Recurve ski

Lib Tech Pow NAS Recurve ski    Photo: Courtesy of Lib Tech

THE SELL: More points of contact for better edge hold. THE TEST: Snowboard maker Lib Tech has been in the ski game for a few years now. Like its other models, the NAS Recurve—NAS stands for Narrow Ass Snowboards—features Magne-Traction*, wavy edges that offer seven points of contact with the snow. It’s a radical design, and the effect is noticeable. Testers were impressed with the Recurve’s tenacity and lively feel on firmer snow. “Knifed through anything,” said one. A rockered tip made for “bobber-like flotation” in softer snow. In sun crust, however, the Lib Tech was “tossed into the next county.” THE VERDICT: Snowboard technology that translates well into ski construction. 151/115/141, 10.2 lbs


*Lib Tech debuted its serrated-edge technology (called Magne-Traction) in its snowboards in 2005. Boardmakers Arbor, Nidecker, and Rome have since experimented with similar edge construction; the NAS Recurve marks its first appearance in skis.

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