Saucony PowerGrid Cortana Running Shoe

Nov 1, 2011
Outside Magazine
Power Grid Cortana

Saucony Power Grid Cortana Running Shoe    Photo: Courtesy of Saucony

Finally, a midfoot running shoe for the masses. With a pillowy tongue, exceptionally soft and accommodating midsole foam, wide forefoot, and wear-it-all-day comfort, the Cortana feels like a traditional high-mileage trainer. What's missing? Only the built-up heel: there's a scant four millimeters of drop between the hell and the marshmallow-soft forefront, so the flexy Cortana gently fosters a more barefootlike midfoot-striking gait, without the harsh impact on the feet. And because the forefoot is close to the ground, the shoe still feels reasonably responsive. "I can't think of a softer shoe that still runs fast," our 10K specialist wrote. The fit? "Like a slipper" was a common tester refrain. Speedy minimalists might find it a touch heavy (and squishy!), but that just means that for most progressive-leaning runners, it's probably just about perfect. 11.2 oz; 4mm heel drop

Responsiveness: 4 (Out of 5)
Comfort: 5

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