Look 695 I-Pack Road Bike

Jun 7, 2011
Outside Magazine
Look 695 I-Pack

Look 695 I-Pack    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

THE SELL: A transformable race bike. THE TEST: Even before we threw a leg over it, we loved the 695 because its brilliantly engineered parts let us tweak the bike for a perfect fit. The integrated C-Stem offers ten millimeters of length and nearly 22 of height adjustment, and the Zed 2 crank lets you choose from three lengths and easily switch between standard and compact gearing. That means you can try out different configurations without accruing a box full of parts, or switch parts depending on the terrain (longer cranks for a rolling time trial, for instance). Once we got pedaling, the 695 garnered perfect scores in four categories (pedaling response, climbing, handling, and sprinting). THE VERDICT: Best race bike we tested this year. 14.8 lbs
Handling: 5
Responsiveness: 5

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