Pinarello FP2 - Road Bikes: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Pinarello FP2 - Road Bikes: Reviews

   Photo: Ryan Heffernan


Before carbon took over cycling, aluminum was the racer's material of choice. And before Trek took over the Tour de France, Pinarello owned that event. While the Italians' top offerings can cost more than college, the aluminum FP2—which comes with a vibration-damping carbon fork and seatstays—offers race performance at a startling price. "Two grand and it's got Ultegra?" asked one tester. Yep, $2,000 and it's got Shimano's superb midrange components. The compact crankset eats hills, and house-brand handlebars, cranks, and wheels share a tidy graphics scheme. 18.8 lbs, 56cm;

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