Leica M8.2 - 35 mm Cameras: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Leica M8.2 - Digital Cameras: Reviews

   Photo: Shana Novak

Trust us: It'll make you a better photographer. The simple, intuitive M8.2 demands that you actually turn the aperture ring and shutter-speed dial manually, not just fondle screens. Luddite madness? Or a call for patience and thoughtfulness? The latter, no question. After days of shooting in Vancouver, we fell in love with the bright viewfinder and simple controls—and were equally smitten with the results. Thanks to the extremely high-end Leica glass, our images took on a 3-D quality that practically pops off the screen. Updates to the first iteration include an aperture priority, exposure compensation, cleaner high-ISO images, and a sapphire-crystal (not plastic) LCD. 10.3MP; leica-camera.us

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