Julbo Bivouak - Sport Sunglasses: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Julbo Bivouak - Sport Sunglasses: Reviews

   Photo: Inga Hendrickson

Extreme Protection

French specialist de l'alpinisme Julbo gives side-blinkered glacier glasses a sexy, multisport makeover. Photochromic lenses in brownish tint go from dark to really dark, ideally suited to ultrabright no-shade zones such as high alpine and deep desert. Since they're polarized, they're also water-worthy and a perfect match for lakes and streams. (Look out, mountain trout.) Shields at the temples fend off glare, then come off easily thanks to magnetic attachments—a big improvement over the usual on/off snaps or pins. Antifog coating keeps lenses clear when you're sweating and puffing on your way to higher elevations. julbousa.com
Value: 3.4
Sport/Street Crossover: 3.1

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