Dynafit Radical TLT FT Bindings

Dynafit-style tech bindings, like the Radical and the La Sportiva RT, are the only ones that offer a true free pivot, meaning there’s no hardware attached to your boot heel or sole. They have fewer moving parts, ice up

Wed, 10/31/2012 - 00:00
Outside Magazine

BEST FOR: Charging the resort and then ducking into sidecountry.

THE TEST: The newly updated Radical 12 is Dynafit’s most powerful binding, specifically designed to pair with fat powder boards. The toepiece’s side towers—beefed-up versions of the pincers found on older Dynafit models—make the binding easier to get into and out of and increase power transfer. And the improved heel-riser design makes it easier than ever to adjust the climbing height on the fly, no more contortions necessary.

THE VERDICT: An uncanny blend of power and weight. The Radical is the most confidence-inspiring Dynafit binding we’ve ever tested. 2.6 lbs

Tourability: 5
Power: 4

Brand: Dynafit $
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