ProForm Tour de France Training Bike

Training bikes have finally shifted gears, integrating mapping functions to simulate road rides and adding tools like cadence sensors and power meters. Here are the three best to get you through winter’s indoor doldrum

Tue, 01/01/2013 - 00:00
Outside Magazine


If you can get past the ridiculous marketing and steep price tag, ProForm’s wonky Tour de France bike is a serious piece of engineering. The magnetic-resistance spin bike comes bundled with software that lets you create cycling routes using Google Maps and then wirelessly upload them to the bike. Not only can you watch where you’re riding in Google’s street view, but the hydraulic system pitches you forward and back (up to 40 degrees) to match the grade and adjusts resistance accordingly. The built-in algorithm-based power meter is imprecise, but the second generation (coming later this winter) will have a strain-gauge system, drop bars, and other cycling-specific details. EPO not included.

Brand: ProForm $1,500