Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer

Check the forecast: it’s cold and (we hope) snowy for the next three months. Whether you’re looking for a new resort jacket or an around-town heater, manufacturers are cranking out the innovations faster than ever. Dow

Thu, 01/31/2013 - 00:00
Outside Magazine
Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisper

Two years ago, alpinist Ueli Steck, a.k.a. the Swiss Machine, asked Mountain Hardwear to make him a line of gear that was tough enough to handle the world’s tallest peaks and packable enough to take on speed climbs. The company delivered one of the lightest, most versatile down jackets we’ve ever tested. It’s slim fitting enough to wear under a shell, weighs just seven ounces, and, thanks to a paper-thin, wind and rip-resistant nylon exterior, tough enough for bushwhacking. Then there’s the secret weapon: the down insulation is treated with a waterproofing polymer that keeps it warm when damp. The Ghost Whisperer may be built for the Alps, but the same features that excel up high work just as well on cold bike commutes and frigid lift rides. 7oz

Brand: Mountain Hardwear $300