Honda Fit EV

Feb 28, 2013
Outside Magazine
Honda Fit EV adventure vehicles electric cars cars

   Photo: Courtesy of Honda

THE SELL: An electric hatchback with ample room and admirable range.

THE TEST: Because the Fit EV is a relatively small car that’s powered entirely by a really big lithium-ion battery, the interior isn’t as roomy as in the petrol-powered Fit. But we have to give the car manufacturer props for making the most of it. Honda raised the roof and lowered the floor a couple of inches, so it can swallow three passengers with full-size packs; lower the backseat and you can cram a couple of road bikes inside. Power-wise it feels a little sluggish, until you tap the Sport button and send maximum torque to the front wheels, which eats up battery life but boosts acceleration 23 percent.

THE VERDICT: With 82 miles per charge, this is the longest-range EV we’ve seen, but it’s still best for city commuting and day trips to the trailhead. 118MPGe (EPA tax credit of $7,500)

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