GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

GoPro practically invented the wearable camera, and it’s still the biggest name in the business. But everybody from Sony to Contour now makes the tiny devices, and I wanted to find out which ones truly perform. So I en

Mar 21, 2013
Outside Magazine
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   : Inga Hendrickson

GoPro shrunk the latest Hero to the size of a dental-floss dispenser and still managed to pack the power of a DSLR into a 2.6-ounce package. The Hero3 was tough enough to handle repeated head-butts into a boulder and came stock with a remote that, in addition to letting me hit record from a lifejacket pocket, is capable of changing modes on an absurd 48 GoPros at once. Other perks include slo-mo and Wi-Fi capability.

SPECIAL FEATURE: It shoots 30 frames of giant 12-megapixel stills per second (think sequence shots in magazines).

VERDICT: With a more intuitive interface, this could be the perfect cam.

Brand: GoPro $400
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