Caninsanity Doggie BASE Rig

Apr 1, 2013
Outside Magazine
Do you know what day it is?

The Doggie BASE Rig in testing    Photo: Courtesy of Caninsanity

Happy April Fool's Day! We hope you enjoyed our little prank. For reviews that are no joke, check out our gear channel.

Created by Twin Falls, Idaho–based jumper and dog lover Abbie Poisson, Caninsanity’s Doggie BASE Rig is the first BASE-specific harness made for man’s best friend. The harness/container combo, designed for static-line deployment, is slated for final testing this April.

Designers are still working to streamline the rig, though the container got rave reviews from toy poodle and French-bulldog owners in limited trials and the quick-release leg straps have been constructed to accommodate dogs of all shapes, including dachshunds. The container works with any standard BASE canopy and will be fully compatible with the company’s Fido Flyer wingsuit, planned for early 2014. Minor gripe: the harness will be available only in medium and small for the first few months, so Saint Bernard owners will have to wait.

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