Lifeproof Fre

A while back I did a stupid thing. I dropped my iPhone facedown on a gravel driveway. The result was a coast-to-coast network of spider cracks and a new personal mission: to find a case I could trust. I put 36 models t

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 00:00
Outside Magazine
Lifeproof Fre

The Fre is like a comfy pair of gloves: tough, snug fitting, and element resistant. The polycarbonate shell is basically an extension of the phone, and the plastic screen guard is well integrated (if potentially violable when dropped facedown). But with an O-ring and über-tight seals that kept out water even when it was six feet under, it does best in all sports aquatic. Some people shun waterproof cases because the mesh covers can impede speaker and microphone sensitivity, but I had no trouble with this one.

THE KNOCK: What you gain in slimness you sacrifice in drop protection.

Brand: Lifeproof $80
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