Orbea Occam S40 29er

Apr 19, 2013
Outside Magazine
Orbea Occam S40 29er mountain b

Orbea Occam S40 29er    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

Cross-Country Favorite

At 26 pounds, this four-inch-travel ride is burlier than most race bikes. While the Occam still carved up flowy singletrack, it was most at home on chunky trails. That’s because it features a slack-for-this-category 69-degree head-tube angle (for stable descending), a short 70-millimeter stem (for aggressive handling), and front and rear through-axle hubs (for holding a line through rough terrain). It’s also super plush, thanks to the Fox CTD fork and shocks. One ding: at this price, we wanted better components than Shimano SLX.

THE VERDICT: It’s on the heavy side for a race bike, but the comfort and agility make it ideal for 
all-day rides. 
26 lbs.

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