BH G6 Ultegra

Apr 19, 2013
Outside Magazine
BH G6 Ultegra

BH G6 Ultegra    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

Aero Favorite

Thanks to an hourglass front profile, foil-shaped tubes, and wheels neatly tucked into carbon recesses, this aero roadie was so quick it made testers’ eyes water. “Sharp and fast as a bird of prey,” one wrote. And while the speed that many aero bikes gain often comes at the expense of stiffness (too noodly) or ride quality (too harsh), the G6 was refined enough for all-day jaunts. Testers loved the responsive Ultegra drivetrain 
and the frame’s electronic-shifting compatibility.

THE VERDICT: The G6 resoundingly answers the question “Should I go aero?” Yes, you should go aero. 15.3 lbs; 

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