RokRok Chalk Bags

Apr 26, 2013
Outside Magazine
RokRok Chalkbags etsy kids climbing

   Photo: Courtesy of RokRok/Etsy

It's a basic rule of child-rearing that kids will find alternative uses for whatever gear you give them. Aside from its obvious use as a place to put chalk, our son uses his chalkbag as a container for twigs, leaves, and neat-looking pebbles; we sometimes use it to stash snacks, tissues, and other essentials too big for Canaan's pockets.

While we have a variety of bags, Canaan's all-time favorite is a monkey-shaped bag from RokRok Chalkbags, complete with arms, legs, and a tail that flop around as he climbs. The Chicago-based artist behind RokRok, Leilani Pierson, crochets and sews chalkbags from a variety of materials, from wool to old linen tea towels, each of them handmade and unique. Prices vary, depending on the bag you want.

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