Oboz Missoula Trail Shoe

May 20, 2013
Outside Magazine
Ahnu Kirkham Timberland Earthkeepers Oboz Missoula best trail shoes of 2013

Ahnu Kirkham, Timberland Earthkeepers, and Oboz Missoula    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

BEST FOR: Travel days, mellow trails.

THE TEST: Most of the shoes here look the part—they proudly say, I’m going hiking. Which is precisely why we like the skateboarding-inspired Missoula so much. Its shallowly lugged outsole is way grippier than it looks and performed especially well on snow-packed and icy trails and roads. The beefy midsole has an appreciable amount of arch support, and—Tom Cruise types take note—makes you about an inch taller than you really are. Perforations in the forefoot let some heat escape, but not much: like with the Ahnu, the leather uppers get toasty on hot days.

THE VERDICT: All-season, everyday drivers. 13.6 oz.

: 4.5

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