Contour Roam2 Camera

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 00:00
Outside Magazine
Contour Roam2

BEST FOR: Budget-conscious shooters.

At 5.4 ounces, the Roam2 was the lightest of the bunch. It can shoot 30 fps at 1280p (or 60 fps at 720p), and its sliding on-off switch was refreshingly easy to operate with or without heavy ski gloves on, making this the best multi-season camera in the mix. Its wide-angle lens and mount rotate 270 degrees—enough that you can film behind you. We also loved that it has a built-in laser: when you press a button, a beam of light shoots where the camera is pointing. It comes in four brightly anodized color options so you can match your camera to your kit.

THE VERDICT: The Roam2 costs half as much as the GoPro but delivers surprising quality. It’s the best camera for the price.

TECH: 3 

Brand: Contour $200
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