Old Town Twin Heron

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 00:00
Outside Magazine
Perception Expression 11.5 Old Town Twin Heron Necky Elias best boats of 2013 summer buyers guide

BEST FOR: Families.

THE TEST: Sometimes you want to cruise around the lake with a partner (or a few kids and a dog), and sometimes you want to paddle solo. The Twin Heron, with its removable front seat and unique design, lets you do either. Thanks to an extremely bulbous hull and deep keel in the first three feet of the boat, the Twin Heron tracks equally well with or without weight up front. We had no problem piloting it empty or with a rotating cast of kids, canines, and cargo.

THE VERDICT: Really sluggish, but who cares? This boat is about versatility and cruising around for fun. 54 lbs.


Brand: Old Town $699
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