Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMTHD

May 20, 2013
Outside Magazine
garmin nuvi 3597 LMTHD gps summer buyers guide

Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMTHD    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

BEST FOR: Drivers

While smartphone mapping apps get the job done, they also burn through data plans, run down your battery, and cause havoc when your boss calls. For seeking out new locations, exploring unfamiliar towns, and traffic-clogged commutes, a windshield-mounted PND (personal navigation device) with a colorful, responsive touchscreen like the 3597 is still your best bet. Commuters will love the HD Digital Traffic feature, which pings you with updates every 30 seconds, allowing for quick, hands-free rerouting if an accident occurs up ahead.

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