Werner Grand Prix M1000

May 17, 2013
Outside Magazine

BEST FOR: Going light during long training runs and racing

“That’s light,” my neighbor Lawton, a long-time SUPer who raced in Hawaii, said when he first grabbed the paddle. Every other tester who lifted the roughly 15-ounce paddle had a similar, if slightly more vulgar, reaction. No performance racing paddle is lighter.

The lack of weight was welcome on long, fast training runs. The narrow, rectangular 12-degree offset blade allowed for powerful strokes near the board. Like the Hulu Light, a slight curve at the tip of the blade offered a clean entry. At the other end, the sturdy, palm-style grip felt better than the standard straight-edge handle found on so many other paddles.

The Grand Prix comes in three sizes. Werner has a great online sizing chart for ordering the best fit. (The midsized M1000 will fit the widest range of paddlers). There’s also a bent shaft option.

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