Julbo Wave

Nero, tyrannical emperor of Rome, deserves a little love from sunglasses aficionados as the first documented user of tinted optics to get more fun out of outdoor sports. The emperor— history remembers him for fiddling

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 00:00
Outside Magazine
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The swimming pro in Pasadena thought it was weird to pick up sunglasses floating in the pool. But then he put them on and went, “Whoa.” The goggles-ish Waves are rapture for river runners, stand-up paddlers, and the rest of the watersports set. Julbo’s polarized polycarbonate lenses handle light conditions from low to noontime bright and mitigate the glare that makes open water an optical hell. Soft, detachable frame skirting—the goggles-like feature—fends off side spray, while a water-shedding coating on the lenses sends the rest off in beads. Sunscreen wipes off smudge-free, too. Boating shades never really cut it for watery athletic recreation, but they were pretty much all we had—until now.

VALUE: 4.5

Brand: Julbo $190