Kaenon Kanvas

May 20, 2013
Outside Magazine
Kaenon Kanvas Revo Guide Extreme Oakley Style Switch best sunglasses of 2013 summer buyers guide

Kaenon Kanvas, Revo Guide Extreme, Oakley Style Switch    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

BEST FOR: Land-based recreation.

THE TEST: Kaenon, unashamedly elitist maker of swanky, fashionable sports sunglasses, makes a move highly reminiscent of Mercedes with the Baby Benzes. You spend less and still get the look, vibe, and feel. You also get a little less of what you might really want. Conspicuously absent are Kaenon’s polarized lenses, which you’ll miss only if you’ve tried them. Still, these are great-looking shades with a highly versatile copper tint, and the comfortable and secure nylon frames rise to the level of wearable sculpture.

THE VERDICT: Low end of the high end.


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