Native Eastrim

May 20, 2013
Outside Magazine
Native Eastrim Rudy Project Deewhy Bollé Speed best sunglasses of 2013 summer buyers guide

Native Eastrim, Rudy Project Deewhy, Bollé Speed    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

BEST FOR: Tearing up trails on wheels or on foot.

THE TEST: You could wear the Eastrims anywhere, really, but you’re missing a lot of performance if you don’t take them out in the boonies and go fast and hard. The amber-hued, polarized polycarbonate lenses perform in sun and shadow, where they heighten detail, depth, and contrast. For the money, Native is generous with premium features like bendable and padded wire nosepieces that allow a custom fit. You can even cant the frames for head-down, eyes-up cycling. Elsewhere there’s grippy rubber and nice head hold from springy nylon. You can also swap in extra lenses, sold separately, not that you need to.

THE VERDICT: With the highly versatile tint and streetworthy looks, these could be all the shades you need.

VALUE: 4.5

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