Bic Sport Wing Ace-Tec

Just seven years ago, stand-up paddleboarding was a barely known, old-school tradition practiced by serious watermen who wanted to connect to the roots of surfing. Today it’s a bona fide mainstream sport that’s migrate

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 00:00
Outside Magazine
Bic Sport Wing Ace-Tec

That’s right, a killer flatwater SUP made by the company that produces ballpoint pens and disposable razors. The Wing Ace-Tec is bombproof: a molded epoxy board with a thin thermoformed shell makes it more durable than most boards on the market. And yet it’s relatively lightweight at 34 pounds. A displacement hull with a flat midsection makes for a speedy, raceworthy ride that cuts through chop. At 30 inches wide and over six inches thick, the Wing Ace-Tec is stable but won’t feel like a dog to seasoned paddlers. In short: a practical, durable, affordable, fun-to-paddle SUP. 12'6" (also available in 11')

GLIDE: 4.5

Brand: Bic Sport $1,299