Firewire RapidFire Baked Potato

May 20, 2013
Outside Magazine
Firewire RapidFire Baked Potato Walden Magic Dually Lib Tech Bowl summer buyers guide best surfboards of 2013

Firewire RapidFire Baked Potato, Walden Magic Dually, Lib Tech Bowl    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

If ever there was a true small-wave performance board, this starchy vegetable is it. Extra wide with plenty of volume, the five-fin RapidFire is designed to make the most of subpar conditions. The five-foot-nine model we tested paddled easily into thigh-high SoCal summer waves. And once up and riding, it showed surprising drive, and the diamond tail allowed for satisfyingly big turns. 5'1"–6'3”.

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