Lib Tech Bowl Surfboard

May 20, 2013
Outside Magazine
Firewire RapidFire Baked Potato Walden Magic Dually Lib Tech Bowl summer buyers guide best surfboards of 2013

Firewire RapidFire Baked Potato, Walden Magic Dually, Lib Tech Bowl    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

Pretty impressive debut: the Bowl, part of the snowboarding brand’s first line of surfboards, is one of the most durable surfboards we’ve ever tested. It’s made from a lightweight composite instead of fiberglass, and the rails are wrapped in rubberized metallic fibers. We jumped up and down on a six-two thruster model on concrete and didn’t ding it! It also paddles well and comes alive in steep, chest-high beach break. While the board has lots of flex, which can suck drive out of turns, it’s also bombproof and ideal for moderate-to-big surf. 5'8"–6'4".

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