Justin's Nut Butter

May 27, 2013
Outside Magazine

Justin Gold founded Justin’s in Boulder, Colorado, in 2004. Justin started in his home kitchen with a simple food processor and high quality raw ingredients. Justin loaded 16-ounce jars for friends and family and sold them to local natural food stores. 

The originator of the peanut butter squeeze pack, Justin’s makes small batches of its eight delicious nut butter flavors with a proprietary grinding process that Gold himself says guarantees optimum flavor and best consistency. All flavors are made with the highest quality nuts, and most healthful ingredients found as locally and sustainably as possible. All eight of Justin’s flavors come in squeeze packs, including choices for the peanut intolerant: chocolate hazelnut, maple almond; vanilla almond, chocolate almond and more.

Available now, $0.99-$1.29, justins.com.

Filed To: Nutrition

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