Night Runner LED Shoe Lights

Jun 5, 2013
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Douglas Storer

Product: A pair of clip-on rechargeable lanterns for your running shoes, each Night Runner unit has four 45-lumen white LEDs in a durable and water resistant housing. These flashlights for your feet claim to illuminate your path sixty feet out and make you easily visible to motorists—ideal for dawn and dusk runners and those who run at night. The lights attach to your shoelaces, and turn on with the push of a button.

Why the World Needs It: The Night Runner inventors say headlamps create glare and prevent a runners pupils from properly adjusting to low light. The low angle of Night Runner’s light beams is better at illuminating irregular pavement, roots, and potholes.

Jury Says: It’s hard to know if these lights are an improvement over existing products without trying them. The Kickstarter campaign still has some time left, but backing is lagging. The inventors aren’t offering any particularly personal incentives, like a night run with the inventor, entry into an after dark marathon—you know, the extra special bonus programs that get you emotionally involved with the product. And at any level of support, Night Runner is charging $8 shipping for a set of its lights, which sponsors might interpret as being nickeled and dimed. $58,

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