Wool and Prince Micro Merino Button Down Oxford Shirt

Jun 5, 2013
Outside Magazine

Product: A micro merino button down Oxford shirt that Wool and Prince put a tester in for 100 days. According to the company, their shirt won’t wrinkle, smell or look dirty, even if you wear it for 100 days without washing. And it’s temperature regulating, so great all year round, not just in winter.

Why the world needs it: Gentlemen—imagine how this could save space in your wardrobe, not to mention time doing laundry and dry cleaning bills. Wool is a sustainably harvested fiber, and requires less water and pesticides than cotton to grow, plus eliminating dry cleaning is a service to your wallet and the environment. And, wool lasts six times longer than cotton.

Jury Says: We love wool, and the Wool and Prince shirt fills a niche that hasn’t been nailed by any of the leading merino wool companies yet. The 100-day challenge was playful and poignant, and the shirts look gorgeous. In fact, we can’t wait to get our hands on one. Clearly we’re not the only ones. This campaign raised ten times its goal before it closed. $98, woolandprince.com

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