Stash Waterproof Pocket Pants

Jun 5, 2013
Outside Magazine

Product: Stash Incorporated is developing and patenting a waterproof pocket to incorporate into its clothing and gear—including swimwear, life vests, waders, backpacks and jackets. The Stash Pocket allows you to safely take your cell phone, wallet, and keys with you wherever you want. 

Why the World Needs It: Who hasn’t dived into—or been thrown into—a lake or ocean, with pocket contents being an afterthought. Who has been on vacay at the beach, jonesing for a swim, and unsure if leaving your phone and wallet on your beach towel is really the best plan.

Jury Says: With just a few hours left, this campaign doesn’t look like it’s going to succeed. Are too many waterproof cases already on the market? This one seems unique, but limited in that the pocket being developed is for Stash’s own apparel—it’s not a universal solution. $79, Kickstarter still going as of Wednesday!

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