Black Diamond Equipment Bolt Daypack

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 00:00
Outside Magazine
REI Flash 22 Eddie Bauer First Ascent Bacon Black Diamond Equipment Bolt best packs of 2013 summer buyers guide

BEST FOR: Athletic endeavors.

THE TEST: The Eddie Bauer and REI packs are extremely pared down and packable; the Bolt is cut from different cloth. With a full suspension system, including an aluminum stay, the Bolt is ideal for fast-moving technical forays like slot-canyon exploration, peak bagging, and even mountain biking. And thanks to a smart set of features that include ice-ax and trekking-pole loops and a bike-light clip, it does everything equally well.

THE VERDICT: Overkill for mellow day hikers, but awesome for just about anything else you can do in a 24-hour period. 2.1 lbs.


Brand: Black Diamond $130
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