Nomis Basic Carrier

Jun 26, 2013
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Courtesy of Piggy Back

This innovative product is ideal for kids who are old enough to hike for short distances but may poop out before the grown-ups do. When your kiddo needs a break, they simply jump onto mom or dad’s shoulders and “ride the bar.” It’s like a piggyback ride, but far more comfortable for both parent and child. Each carrier comes with a safety harness made from climbing-grade buckles and webbing, so there are no worries of your child falling off the bar.

Our family has experimented with a lot of carriers, and this one is perfect for toddlers and younger children. Other carriers take a lot of effort and adjusting (and sometimes even an extra set of hands to get strapped in safely).  With this one, getting in and out is easy, so I don’t mind if my little dude wants to bounce back and forth between hiking and riding.

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