Marmot Prodigy Light Shell Hoodie

For the blessed return of cool nights, a lightweight and bomb-proof shell, fleece, or puffy once again becomes crucial kit. To find the best, I donned ten early-season jackets and stood before a giant fan and a pressur

Aug 15, 2013
Outside Magazine
marmot prodigy hoodie jackets light shells

   : Inga Hendrickson

The Claim: A do-it-all soft shell.

The Reality: I hosed down this wind-blocking and water-resistant Gore Wind-stopper shell for five minutes before it soaked through, and the medium-weight fabric survived an army crawl through a briar patch. The flex-friendly panels under the arms wicked moisture and kept the jacket in place on big reaches.

The Verdict: Not exactly packable, but tough enough to fend off the worst squalls. 1.3 lbs.

Brand: Marmot $200
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