Blendtec Classic Fourside

The smoothie revolution has spawned a new breed of blenders that are more powerful, easier to clean, and more versatile—not to mention pricier—than ever. So how much whirring strength do you need? Depends what you're m

Mar 18, 2013
Outside Magazine
blender blendtec

Blendtec can blend it all and do it again.    : Courtesy of Blendtec

Six years ago, a video of an engineer grinding up iPhones and glow sticks in a Blendtec went viral. We didn’t destroy any circuit boards in our test, but we’re certain the Classic FourSide could. With 1,560 watts of power, this little hot rod sounds like a lawnmower on your countertop, but it let us pulverize almonds and perfectly grind flank steak. Six settings match blade speed to blending objective, allowing you to push a button, walk away, and come back to perfectly kneaded bread dough or ground oats.

Brand: Blendtec $435
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