Bodum French Press

As annoyingly smug as the baristas at specialty coffee shops can be, they're right about two things: coffee should taste like coffee, not milk and sugar, and manual makers brew a better cup.

Thu, 03/21/2013 - 00:00
Outside Magazine
bodum coffee french press brew

The baristas at Portland, Oregon–based Stumptown Roasters obsess over every cup. The hardware they use most? The French press, like Bodum’s 34-ounce Chambord. This is partly due to the press pot’s simplicity: add water, wait a few minutes, plunge the grounds home. But mainly it’s because the technique produces a rich, robust cup in less time than drip devices like the Chemex. We like the Chambord best because its double-walled glass keeps your brew warm longer, while the stainless-steel casing helps protect it from inevitable drops.

Brand: Bodum $100