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  • Photo: @tedhesser

    Perfect Things

    We made our own list of what we love about winter, but it's always more fun to ask our readers. Using the #OutsidePerfectThings, our Instagram followers shared more than 1,700 snapshots of their favorite cold-weather things. From deep snow and adult sodas to happy dogs and snowy adventures, here are 30 of the top picks.

    @tedhesser: Snow bird on a ski pole. Omens of a blue-bird powder day.
  • Photo: @desktoglory

    Testing Your Tires

    @desktoglory: Just wandering about in the snow near Whistler this weekend. Looking forward to hunting down some hot springs next weekend!
  • Photo: @woolandwhiskey_

    Dog Power

    @woolandwhiskey_: Afternoon lounge in Banff.
  • Photo: @tubbsmcgee

    Dead Ends

    @tubbsmcgee: Some minor elevation today. #mtbaker #winteriscoming #wheremybiketookme
  • Photo: @juliawhitten

    Podcasts and Puns

    @juliawhitten: Enjoying some cereal with my Serial on this fine first of January, 2015.
  • Photo: @paddyroc

    Big Views

    @paddyroc: And it became so clear. It's all a vast glowing empty page and I without a pen can look on smiling and watch the words. It is a great big sky. #BigSky #Montana #OutsidePerfectThings
  • Photo: @lillynprice

    Embracing Your Inner Hipster

    @lillynprice: Seattle, the land of thick sock-wearing, espresso-drinking, tree-hugging, rain-loving hipsters. I think I like this place.
  • Photo: @chokeonyourmouse

    Fresh Tracks

    @chokeonyourmouse: #swag
  • Photo: @ashleelangholz

    Warm Winters

    @ashleelangholz: camp vibes.
  • Photo: @timberlinebanff

    Pond Hockey

    @timberlinebanff: Switched up the wood planks for some metal blades to carve up frozen water this morning.
  • Photo: @chancekeso

    One Big Fridge

    @chancekeso: Pretty great view of Rainier today from Mount Ellinor.
  • Photo: @4r3st

    Snowy Dogs

    @4r3st: #OutsidePerfectThings
  • Photo: @inthetrees_

    A Room With a View

    @inthetrees_: A room with a view. You're kinda cool, Washington. #pnw
  • Photo: @jballant

    Better Selfies

    @jballant: A little backflip with my #gopro It was no doubt a good day on the hills.
  • Photo: @jonmancusophoto


    @jonmancusophoto: Night life. #idaho
  • Photo: @megmcallister

    Next Season

    @megmcallister: Working on being thankful for changing seasons and currently missing meadow-napping in #dopesemite.
  • Photo: @olsone14


    @olsone14: My favorite food.
  • Photo: @craigmuderlark

    Soft Falls

    @craigmuderlark: I remember building snow forts in the backyard as a child. The excitement of burrowing into the pile of snow and the anticipation of the finished dwelling. Here, I can be a kid again. Playing in snow, imbued with the youthfulness of children. Breaking down skiing into its most fundamental components, it all comes down to this: playing in snow brings out our youth. Giggling, smiling, cold, wet, rosy cheeks, wonder, utter fascination with what the world is offering. Pure joy.
  • Photo: @dearmchris

    Empty Trails

    @dearmchris: Callie and I had a little snow adventure in Warren-Weld Woodland.
  • Photo: @photographermilamayer

    The Little Things

    @photographermilamayer: Snowflakes are just like us, come in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Photo: @dpkuras

    Family Time

    @dpkuras: My 2-year-old son hunts for bears in the caves beneath Yosemite Falls.
  • Photo: @rob__day

    Pedal to Pow

    @rob__day: So that was fun.
  • Photo: @beeleeknapp

    On the Water

    @beeleeknapp: Not a bad day in Patagonia.
  • Photo: @landlecoq


    @landlecoq: It's too bad liquor stores are closed on Sundays.
  • Photo: @karenalinehan

    Open Beaches

    @karenalinehan: Dog day afternoon on the beach with Mojo.
  • Photo: @julieegg

    Chopping Wood

    @julieegg: Cody is a regular lumberjack these days helping grandpa clear his land. #outsideperfectthings #longliveidaho
  • Photo: @karinayeznaian

    Special Transportation

    @karinayeznaian: Gear hauling off Denali. #basecamp #kahiltna
  • Photo: @paulmwebb

    Icy Beards

    @paulmwebb: Frosty morning.
  • Photo: @ourfreeways

    Clear Nights

    @ourfreeways: We know you enjoy wonderful night and star exposures, so here is another! #stars
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